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About Good Life London

Good Life London 



How does Good Life London work?

We are a socially minded community interest company (CIC) started late 2016.  We set up Good Life London on the back of working with grassroots movements and being inspired by their incredible impact. Working within London's creative industry we aim to shine a light on the positive changes these people are making in this city and we want to tell you all about them. And with your help, we want to do everything we can to keep them going.

Every few months we team up with one of London's most exciting artists and designers to produce a new bespoke product for sale. We are also currently working with Ace Hotel London on a year long programme of events and window installations, exploring how London's creatives respond to the city's grassroots movements. 

100% of our profits are donated to the grassroots organisations featured with each product.

Why grassroots charities?

The importance of grassroots individuals, charities and organisations is undeniable; because they work on local front lines, their impact can be felt more immediately. 

However these people are in trouble. More than four out of five small and medium-sized charities are struggling to raise the funds they need to survive. Over the last few years huge cuts in Government funding and support has presented a two pronged problem - a rise in the desperate need for these grassroots organisations to step in and fill the gaps left, but a lack of funding to help them do so.

Which grassroots organisations do we work with?

There are countless grassroots organisations working in the city. We are out on the streets seeking them out. We look for groups, charities, CIC’s or individuals who have a solid reputation for doing great work in their community but are struggling to continue their work due to lack of funds. Typically these organisations are volunteer run. 

We’d love to hear from you if you are a grassroots organisation or would like to suggest one for us to work with.

Who is behind Good Life London?

We are a small team of people working voluntarily. Just like the grassroots organisations we work with we rely on the good will, support in kind, enthusiasm and generosity of people who believe in the power of grassroots change as much as we do.The designers and photographers we work with have all generously given their time and talents for free.

To date, individually, we have worked approx 1000+ hours to get this off the ground. A very, very small proportion of our core costs will be covered by our sales, which will help us to keep going. We are exploring new ways of funding our core costs in the future. 

Please drop us a line if you have any other questions.